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Special Reports

Iowa DOT Ramp Metering Feasibility Study Executive Summary
Ames-Des Moines Feasibility Study
Des Moines Railport Feasibility Study
On-Street Bikeway Feasibility Study
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Readiness Report
Data Sheet: Pavement Condition Index
Data Sheet: Vehicle Miles Traveled
Draft Public Participation Plan + Draft Public Participation Plan Summary
Certification Review 2013
Transportation Capital Improvement Program, 2014-2017
Congestion Management Process, July 2013
Commuter Rail Feasibility Study for the Des Moines, Iowa Metropolitan Area
Connect: Central Iowa Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan 2020
Goods Movement in the Des Moines Metropolitan Area
Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture Update
Trans-Iowa/Illinois Freight Corridor Study

Long-Range Transportation Plan | Horizon Year 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Resolution and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction | Chapter 1: Introduction Update
Chapter 2: Existing Conditions | Chapter 2: Existing Conditions Update
Chapter 3: Future Conditions
Chapter 4: Goals, Objectives, and Measures of Effectiveness
Chapter 5: Systems Analysis
Chapter 6: Transportation System Improvements | Chapter 6: Transportation System Improvements Update
Chapter 7: Financial Plan | Chapter 7: Financial Plan Update
Chapter 8: Environmental Review
Chapter 9: Conclusion
Appendix A: Socioeconomic Projections
Appendix B: Growth Scenario Process
Appendix C: Travel Demand Model
Appendix D: Fiscal Analysis Methodology
Appendix E: Environmental Review
Appendix F: Air Quality
Appendix G: Public Input
Appendix H: Plan Amendments

FFY 2018 Surface Transportation Program Funding Application Packet
FFY 2018 Transportation Alternatives Program Funding Application Packet
Horizon Year 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan
Horizon Year 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan
Horizon Year 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan

Transportation Improvement Program

Federal Fiscal Years 2015-2018
Federal Fiscal Years 2015-2018 Project List
Federal Fiscal Years 2014-2017
Federal Fiscal Years 2013-2016
Federal Fiscal Years 2012-2015
Federal Fiscal Years 2011-2014

Passenger Transportation Plan

Fiscal Year 2014 Update
Fiscal Year 2013 Update
Fiscal Year 2012 Update
Fiscal Year 2011 Update

Unified Planning Work Program

Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2013
Fiscal Year 2012
Fiscal Year 2011

Annual Reports

Fiscal Year 2013
Fiscal Year 2012
Fiscal Year 2011
Fiscal Year 2010