The Tomorrow Plan TODAY: 2015 Edition

Released Wednesday, April 15, 2015The Tomorrow Plan TODAY: 2015 Edition

Greater Des Moines is better off today in light of many people endeavoring toward the common vision of building a collaborative, vibrant and dynamic region of lasting value, equity and diversity.

They are working together, regardless of whether they labor independently or with others, because they share The Tomorrow Plan as a roadmap. Ever mindful of future generations, their mission is to cooperate across political boundaries to achieve social, economic and environmental resilience for Greater Des Moines.

Today we highlight the successes of the first year implementing The Tomorrow Plan, which launched in April 2014. And as ever, we look ahead – to the major initiatives of 2015.

With this publication, we endeavor to feed the virtuous cycle of celebrating the champions who’ve carried us this far while calling up the community leaders who will carry forward this mission, to make this place we treasure into a community our grandchildren will love even more.