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The public now has a single, comprehensive online map for exploring upcoming transportation projects in Greater Des Moines.

The Greater Des Moines Transportation Projects Map is unique because it includes all of the transportation projects occurring within in the next five years in the metropolitan area, regardless of which government is sponsoring the project and whether the funding is local, state of federal.

The map displays the location of each project and offers a written summary for each, including project description, cost and sponsoring government. The map is available at


Click to view Greater Des Moines Transportation Projects Map

“Our transportation network is woven into our everyday lives, and so we want to give the public a comprehensive resource for exploring the upcoming improvements being made in their neighborhoods, cities and the region as a whole,” MPO Executive Director Todd Ashby said.

The map was compiled by the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) using the capital improvement programs (CIPs) of metro-area governments and the Iowa Department of Transportation. The resulting compilation, the Transportation Capital Improvement Program (TCIP), includes only projects that are being actively worked on in some form in the next five years, such as right-of-way acquisition, environmental review or construction. For more information on individual projects, please contact the government sponsoring the project.

All of the transportation projects receiving federal funds are included in the region’s long-range transportation plan, Mobilizing Tomorrow. Adopted in November 2014, Mobilizing Tomorrow set four overarching goals for the next 35 years: enhance multimodal transportation options; manage and optimize transportation infrastructure and services; improve the region’s environmental health; and further the health, safety and well-being of all residents in the region.

For more information on Mobilizing Tomorrow, call or email MPO staff at 515-334-0075 or