Comprehensive Safety Action Plan

The Comprehensive Safety Action Plan, once complete, will outline action steps to reduce deaths and serious injuries from the transportation network.

Central Iowa Climate Toolbox

The Central Iowa Climate Toolbox was created with the intent of connecting decision-makers, professional staff, and the general public directly to diverse sources of information they may need as communities and organizations take action on climate issues.

Trail Counter Program

The Des Moines Area MPO operates a Trail Counter Program to collect usage data on the paved trail network in Central Iowa, which aids the region in planning for the maintenance and growth of the network.

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Water Trails

The Greater Des Moines Water Trails and Greenways Master Plan was adopted by unanimous vote of the MPO Policy Committee in November 2016. The water trails plan provides the region a road-map for enhancing citizen experiences in and along the 150 miles of waterways in Greater Des Moines.

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The Tomorrow Plan

The Tomorrow Plan is a forward-thinking plan for the sustainable development of the Greater Des Moines region over the next 40 years.

Container Locator

Container Locator is a web tool designed to improve the efficiency of the intermodal freight transportation network, lower costs of shipping by intermodal container, and ultimately benefit the end consumer by lowering the costs of delivering goods. Click here to…

Iowa Data Bike

The Iowa Data Bike is an initiative by the Des Moines Area MPO in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Using an app that senses the roughness of pavement, the Data Bike…

Best Practices

The Des Moines Area MPO researches best practices in regional planning. The best-practice reports are meant to inform community leaders and MPO member governments on the range of tools available for meeting the performance measures established in Mobilizing Tomorrow.

Complete Streets

The Des Moines Area MPO developed a complete streets policy template in 2015 that can be adopted by local governments throughout Greater Des Moines. Since that time, five new complete streets policies have been adopted bringing the total to nine policies…