InterCONNECT: Central Iowa Active Transportation Plan

The Des Moines Area MPO is developing the next active transportation plan for the Central Iowa region, previously known as the CONNECT Plan. InterConnect will advise decision-makers about the short- and long-term policies, infrastructure, education, maintenance, and coordination necessary to make walking, bicycling, skating, scooting, and riding transit in our region superb! Key players include the MPO, Central Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Roundtable, Active Transportation Advisory Committee, and the public. Please check this page for updates throughout the planning process!

What is the plan’s vision?

Our region connects all residents and visitors to where they want to go with a safe and accessible active transportation network.

What are the plan’s goals?

Safety of the most vulnerable is the region’s top priority through dedicated active transportation design, investment, and legislation to keep people injury-free and comfortable.

Convenience of the region’s active transportation network is reliable all hours and seasons through regional coordination of planning, operations, and maintenance to increase accessibility and ridership.

Equity in the region’s active transportation development and deployment is ensured through regional commitment to address the system’s adverse impacts on the region’s disadvantaged communities and to empower all users.

Sustainability in the region is furthered by the active transportation system through resilient solutions promoting environmental, economic, and community health.

Want to get involved with the plan? Share your input!

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Please reach out to Carl Saxon at or 515-334-0075 with any questions.

Past Plan

The InterCONNECT plan will update and replace the CONNECT: Central Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.