Long-Range Transportation Plan Steering Committee

The  Long-Range Transportation Plan Steering Committee guides the development Mobilizing Tomorrow, the MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan.  The plan update is due in September 2019.

If you have questions about the group, please email Principal Planner Zach Young.

Supplemental Items*
October 30, 2018 Minutes Project Evaluation Criteria
Growth Scenario Projections
Planning Area Boundary Map
August 22, 2018 Minutes Funding Categories and Target Percentages
Project Evaluation Criteria
Spotlight Issues Overview
May 23, 2018 Minutes Scenario #1 – Discussion Guide 
Table of Comparable Regions
March 28, 2018 Minutes Trends in Transportation Discussion
February 28, 2018 Minutes Draft Funding Analysis and Methodology
Trends in Transportation Discussion
October 25, 2017 Minutes Timeline
Draft Public Engagement Plan
Draft Performance Measures

Planning to attend a meetings?

Anyone planning to attend MPO meetings who may need auxiliary aids or services should call the Des Moines Area MPO office at 515-334-0075. Please call at least 48 hours in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.