Mobilizing Tomorrow Update

This is the project page for the update to the region’s long-range transportation plan, Mobilizing Tomorrow.


Mobilizing Tomorrow is the Greater Des Moines region’s long-range transportation plan for the year 2050 and outlines how the MPO’s member communities will invest approximately $600 million in transportation funding over the next 35 years. The MPO approved Mobilizing Tomorrow at its November 20, 2014, meeting and remains the region’s current long-range transportation plan.

Every five years, the long-range transportation plan is updated to address the changing needs and priorities of the community, as well to adjust to evolving technologies and best practices in transportation. Mobilizing Tomorrow is in the process of being updated and is expected to be complete by the fall of 2019.

Why does this matter?

The Long-Range Transportation Plan helps establish direction for the region’s transportation goals, priorities, projects, and funding. Transportation is a foundational issue, meaning many of the most important issues facing the region — from hunger and affordable housing, to social equity and economic development — need to be addressed, in part, through transportation-related solutions.

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