Three designated committees form the structure of the MPO: the Transportation Technical Committee (TTC), the Executive Committee, and the MPO Policy Committee. The TTC is comprised primarily of technical staff members, including planners, engineers, and city administrators, representing member governments and participating agencies. The MPO Policy Committee includes elected officials, such as county supervisors, mayors, and city council members, and city managers. The MPO Policy Committee elects officers and at-large representatives to form the Executive Committee.

The MPO establishes and supports other subcommittees, roundtables, working groups, and advisory committees on an as-needed basis. These groups address various transportation-related issues relevant to the MPO’s responsibilities.

Organizational Chart

Unified Planning Work Program

The Des Moines Area MPO develops a work plan, called the Unified Planning Work Program and Budget, for each of its fiscal years, which runs July 1 through June 30. The work plan identifies planning activities completed in the prior fiscal year, and documents all planning activities and anticipated work products for the current fiscal year.

Fiscal Year 2019
Fiscal Year 2018
Fiscal Year 2017
Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2013

Annual Reports

The Des Moines Area MPO develops annual reports to showcase its work from the previous year.

Fiscal Year 2013
Fiscal Year 2012
Fiscal Year 2011
Fiscal Year 2010