Member Governments

Governments throughout the Greater Des Moines region are members of the Des Moines Area MPO and have varying degrees of involvement.

Click on the thumbnail map for an interactive map displaying the members of the MPO, including their membership status.

Voting Members

Full voting membership on the MPO is open to any county or city government that is located wholly or partially in the designated Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), that possesses a population of at least 1,500 persons, and that adopts the MPO’s 28E Agreement. Currently, sixteen communities, three counties and DART are voting members of the MPO:

Associate Members (non-voting)

The MPO also includes four associate cities and one associate county:

These entities actively participate in the transportation planning process but do not vote. Associate membership is available to all governments within the MPA that do not meet the minimum population threshold for full membership. It also is available to those governments located beyond the MPA limits but within the eight county central Iowa region.

Advisory Members (non-voting)

Finally, the MPO includes advisory, non-voting members.