CONNECT: Bike-Ped Transportation Plan

CONNECT: Central Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Action Plan 2020 is an action plan for making central Iowa a region that supports bicycling and walking throughout all levels of the transportation system.


CONNECT was developed by the Central Iowa Bicycle & Pedestrian Roundtable of the Des Moines Area MPO. The plan was adopted in August 2009 as a 10-year action plan, providing a guide for projects, programs and policies on bicycle and transportation. The plan is meant to guide the region’s thinking on how we can make bicycle and pedestrian activities safe and enjoyable for individuals, groups, and families. Joining bikeways to priority destinations, such as schools, universities, employment centers, shopping destinations, and transit stops also are important connections. Connect also is about establishing a harmonious relation between bicycle and pedestrian activities. The Bicycle & Pedestrian Roundtable believes the success of this plan will depend on strong cooperative effort with all local governments, agencies, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, advocates, and citizens.


The full plan is available for viewing and download here:

CONNECT – Central Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan