Mobilizing Tomorrow

Mobilizing Tomorrow is the MPO’s long-range transportation plan for the year 2050 and outlines how the MPO’s member communities, Iowa Department of Transportation, and DART will invest approximately $8.1 billion in transportation funding over the next 30 years. The MPO approved Mobilizing Tomorrow at its November 21, 2019, meeting.

Plan Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction (Download)

Chapter 2 – Goals, Performance Measures, and Targets (Download)

Chapter 3 – Investment Strategies (Download)

Chapter 4 – Policies and Best Practices (Download)

Appendix A – Technical Resources (Download)

Appendix B – State of the Transportation System (Download)

Appendix C – Demographics and 2050 Growth Scenario (Download)

Appendix D – Fiscal Analysis Methodology (Download)

Appendix E – Performance Measure  Methodology (Download)

Appendix F – Project Selection Criteria (Download)

Appendix G – Environmental Analysis (Download)

Appendix H – Public Engagement Process (Download)

Appendix I – Congestion Management Process (Download)

Appendix J -Travel Demand Model Validation and Analysis (Download)

Appendix K – Transportation Improvement Program (Download)

Appendix L – Amendment and Revision Process (Download)

Appendix M – Acronyms (Download)