Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Set-aside

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), aka Surface Transportation Block Grant Set-Aside Program, provides funding for programs and projects defined as transportation alternatives including: on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-driver access to public transportation, environmental mitigation, and safe routes to school projects. Each year, approximately $1.2 million is available in TAP funding for our region.

Program Schedule

The schedule for the Transportation Alternative Program follows the federal fiscal year (FFY), which is October 1 – September 30.

December— Application process opens
January— Applications are due
February— Public comment period
February— Applicants present projects to MPO Funding Subcommittee
March— MPO Funding Subcommittee recommends project awards
April— Recommended awards presented to MPO Policy Committee
May— MPO Policy Committee votes on final awards

Application Process

The application process is outlined and cataloged each year on the MPO’s website. Click on the appropriate years below to review forms, guidelines, completed applications and additional information.

Federal Fiscal Year 2028

Federal Fiscal Year 2026