The Des Moines Area MPO strives to provide members of the media with timely, relevant and fact-based information, analysis, data and maps to help elevate the community conversation about the current status and future of Greater Des Moines.

Media Resources

The Des Moines Area MPO is a rich source of information about Greater Des Moines, and its staff seeks to make that information readily available to members of the media. The MPO can provide the following resources to media:

  • Documents
  • Data
  • Customized maps
  • Neighborhood-level demographic information

Areas of Expertise

The MPO has expertise and in-depth knowledge of the following subject areas, especially relating specifically to Greater Des Moines:

  • Planning
    • Regional Sustainability
    • Transportation
    • Land Use
    • Water Trails
    • Watershed Management Authorities
  • Transportation
    • Active Surface Transportation Projects
    • The regions’s short- and long-term term plans for improving the transportation system
    • Conditions of existing transportation assets such as roads and bridge
    • Complete Streets
    • Multimodal Studies
    • Bicycle & Pedestrian

Media Contact

Gunnar Olson | Public Affairs Manager

The primary spokesperson and media contact for the Des Moines Area MPO is Public Affairs Manager Gunnar Olson. A former journalist with The Des Moines Register, Olson aims to respond to all media inquiries quickly and comprehensively. Members of the media are invited to call or email him whenever working on stories relating directly to the MPO or on matters related to the MPO’s areas of expertise.

Phone: 515-334-0075
Twitter: @gunnarbolson

Public Records Requests

The Des Moines Area MPO is a government entity and subject to open records laws. To make a records request, please call or email Public Affairs Manager Gunnar Olson at 515-334-0075 or