FFY 2023 — Transportation Alternatives Program

The application process for the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2023 Transportation Alternatives Program, aka Surface Transportation Block Grant Set-Aside Program is open.

FFY 2023 Program Schedule

October 5, 2018 — Application process opens
December 7, 2018 — Applications are due
December 2018 — Applicants present to TAP scoring committee
January 2019
 — Public comment period
January 2019 — Applicants present projects to MPO Funding Subcommittee
February 2019 — MPO Funding Subcommittee recommends project awards
March 2019 — Recommended awards presented to MPO Policy Committee
April 2019 — MPO Policy Committee votes on final awards

FFY 2023 STBG Set-Aside Guidelines

FFY 2023 TAP Application 

TAP Application

FFY 2023 Submitted TAP Applications

Application Questions (online submittal only)

TAP Application Questions

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