Feasibility Studies

The Des Moines Area MPO regularly conducts studies to review the feasibility of building or implementing new infrastructure, services or programs. Studies that are underway are listed under MPO Initiatives. Studies that have been completed are listed here.

Feasibility Study of Empty Container Website — March 2016
Iowa DOT Ramp Metering Feasibility Study Executive Summary – April 2014
Ames-Des Moines Feasibility Study – August 2014
Des Moines Rail Transload Feasibility Study – June 2014
On-Street Bikeway Feasibility Study – August 2014
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Readiness Study – August 2014
I-35/80 at Highway 141 Interchange Operations Study – February 2013
IA 5-US 65 Interstate Designation Final Report – June 2012
Commuter Rail Feasibility Study for the Des Moines, Iowa Metropolitan Area – June 2000
Trans-Iowa/Illinois Freight Corridor Study – June 2007