The Tomorrow Plan

The Tomorrow Plan is a forward-thinking plan for the sustainable development of the Greater Des Moines region over the next 40 years. The Tomorrow Plan was adopted by the region in 2013 as a voluntary guide of best practices. The plan is being implemented by individuals, community organizations and local governments with support and coordination from the MPO.

The Tomorrow Plan Speaker Series

The Tomorrow Plan Speaker Series is an implementation strategy of The Tomorrow Plan, offered as a resource to community leaders to learn best practices from some of the country’s leading thinkers.

The 2016 Speaker Series will touch on a wide range of topics related to creating a high quality of life in metropolitan areas, including the sharing economy, the effects of transportation and housing on public health, walkability, water quality, public transit and more. Speakers and details of their talks are outlined below and will be updated as they are scheduled.

The Tomorrow Plan TODAY

The Tomorrow Plan TODAY is an annual publication celebrating the successes of the previous year of implementation and looking ahead to the major initiatives of the coming year.

The Tomorrow Plan Steering Committee

The Tomorrow Plan Steering Committee was developed in 2010 to guide the creation of The Tomorrow Plan and has since transitioned to implementing the plan’s goals and many objectives. In 2015, a smaller Implementation Team was created to focus on devising and carrying out implementation tactics. For more information on the Steering Committee and Implementation Team, click here.

Get Involved

Want to get involved? There will be several opportunities for governments, community organizations and members of the community to help implement The Tomorrow Plan.

For more information, please call senior planner Teva Dawson at 515-334-0075 or email her at

Plan Contents

The Tomorrow Plan — Full Document


The Tomorrow Plan endeavors for the region to compete globally and leave a dynamic, enduring legacy for future generations, by focusing on the economy, the environment, community vitality, and regional cooperation.

The Tomorrow Plan was developed through the Sustainable Communities Initiative of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Details of its development and extensive public outreach are preserved at